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Our story

We have been using a log wood for 10 years to provide people with exquisite saunas and other small cottages. Every building we make is assured with excellent quality. All the log pieces are ensured of suitability for the sauna. We honor the old tradition of constructing.

Unique experience

The log wood gives the saunas a delicate touch and a sturdy character. The log makes a dense structure which guarantees sustainability. Grey colored patina looks good and the unique smell of the log is wonderful. These features create an unforgettable ambiance for the sauna experience. No ordinary sauna can give you the same. The log wood saunas are one thing everybody should experience.

What can be done?

All the saunas and cottages are built individually. The plans and structures can be modified to suit your needs and wishes. The sauna benches are made of robust timber wood, which can be decorated in multiple ways. The building can consist either just the sauna or it can be mixed in many ways. You can combine the sauna with a separate dressing room or other space. A hot shower can be installed, too. And don't forget about the terrace where you can relax after a hot steams of sauna.

All the saunas can easily fit a family of four. The largest saunas can be used by almost 10 people. The prices of the saunas vary from 8 000 euros to more than 25 000 euros, depending of the size of the size and its features. Other cottages and buildings usually go lower on price compared to saunas, starting from approx. 3 000 euros.

Be inspired

Over the years we have built dozens of saunas. We have made small wooden cottages for relaxing moments. Have a look at the photos, be inspired, dream about those pleasant moments. All the photos you see in this site have been built and they can be rebuilt and customized for your needs. Don't hesitate to contact us, or if you can why not come by and experience these wonderful saunas.

Come meet us

We are located in Kannus, Finland. You can come meet us, and be amazed by visiting the saunas we have built. We have been told by everyone who have seen and experienced the log wood saunas close by that they exceeded their wildest expectations. Just give us a call or send a message, and we will arrange you a demonstration.

Delivered to you

Every sauna, log wood cottage or any other building can be transported all over Finland, and beyond if necessary. When transport arrives to a destination the sauna will be ready for the first bath in just two hours.

Send us a message


Henri Puranen: +358 404 1919 88
Kajaanintie 88, 69100 Kannus, Finland

Impivaaran Lomakylä

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